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VIDEO VOTE: Tode will wake up

It’s been a very very long time since the last video vote. But the next video vote is finally here! It’s the…


The next video will be… the… 🏆 Top 99 Ways To Make Sand. And it’s going to be the finale of the Sleeping Tode Trilogy. Tode will finally wake up!

But today we’re voting for the video after that one.

Tode will have just woken up. So what should happen next? The choice is in your hands.

You can vote for one choice, or many, or none, or all, of them. And the current tally will be available at

How to vote

berd window

To vote, go to If you’ve already signed in with a secret code, you’ll be able to vote straight away!

If it’s your first time, request a secret code, and wait for me to let you in. You’ll also be able to choose your name and colour for the credits of the next video.

Without further ado… Here are your choices. I will make the video with the most votes.

🌈 NEW Fractal

A brand NEW VIDEO! Never been done before. Bot will make a brand NEW fractal. And that fractal will be a fractal. And inside that fractal- there’s a- In the- There’s another- Sorry to interrupt. I’m editing the video right now. And I’ve- berd- just realised that this isn’t actually- berd- a NEW fractal. It’s actually-

🐿️ This is a Tode

THIS is a tode. It might not look like it. Because it’s a squirrel.

🐍 Snakes in Snakes in Snakes

Today we’re making a new engine! But to make the engine, we need to make a language first. And to make the language, we need to make a library first. And to make the library, we need to make an editor. And to make the editor, we need to make a computer. And to make the computer, we need to make an engine. And to make the engine, we need to make a language. And for that we need a library. For which we need an editor. But we need a computer for that. And we need an engine for that. And a language for that. And an editor. And a computer. And an engine. A language. A library. An editor. A computer. A computer. A-

Those are your choices! I look forward to receiving your votes. Thank you so much for your support. And welcome to all the new joiners this week! Wherever you are in the world… whatever you’re doing… I hope you have a great week.

Days since tode fell asleep: 386
Days since bot went missing: 351
Days since berd flew away: 14