Why frogs are so good

This is why frogs are so good.

They have a funny shape

They’re kinda squat, but they’re also kinda stretched out in an awkward kinda way. They’re not very streamlined, even when they’re swimming. Or maybe they are? But they’re definitely clumsy. Some might even say they’re ugly. I don’t know about that, but there’s definitely something wonky going on. They’re asymmetrical, as long as you’re looking at them from the side.

They have major underdog energy, and that makes them relatable. You root for them.

Life and death

The lifecycle of a frog is well-known. Its circular nature intrigues many. And it’s first learned at a young age. I remember the teacher teaching it to us way back when.

There’s something magical about it. The frog symbolises the rhythm of life and death.


Frogs go through drastic transformation. From spawn to tadpole, from tadpole to froglet, from froglet to frog. In each stage, the frog reinvents themselves. This is something that resonates strongly with many of us. We look to the frog as a role model.

What about toads?

Let me be clear. Toads also share all of these qualities. I talk about toads and frogs mostly interchangeably. The only notable difference is their relationship to home.

Frogs are nomadic. They wander from place to place, never settling down. They’re travellers, they’re explorers, they’re pioneers.

Toads are different. They have a single home, their ancestral pool. And they return there every year, without fail. It’s a seasonal gathering, an annual tradition.

I respect and admire both these approaches! We can learn from both.

They live on the borderline

Amphibians aren’t afraid to blur the boundaries. Are they creatures of the land? Or of the water? Or both? Or neither?

As with most things in life, things aren’t quite so black-and-white, and frogs don’t shy away from that. We can take inspiration from them all.

Frogs are so good

Now you can see why frogs are so good. I’m glad my tech blog could help you with that.

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