Burger king

My friend showed me a LIFE HACK.

Burger king

If you’re in a group. And you can’t decide on where to eat. You might hear things like:

“I don’t know.”
“I can’t think.”
“I don’t have any ideas.”

Until someone says a really bad idea.

“I think we should go to burger king.”

Nobody wants to go to burger king. So they suddenly say where they’d rather go.


It’s hard to pluck a good idea out of thin air. But it’s easy to say a better idea than burger king.

Burger king

You can use this LIFE HACK in any creative process.

Don’t try to craft the perfect design on your first go. Make a bad burger king. Then make it better.


If you’re building a creative tool, how are you helping your user to make a burger king? Are you giving them something to build off? Are you encouraging them to play around?

Or are you just presenting them with a blank canvas?

Normalise sharing scrappy fiddles

It’s clear. We need to normalise sharing scrappy fiddles. For the betterment of ideas!

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