Mysterious people

There are some mysterious people out there. Let me introduce some to you.

Nobumichi Tosa

Nobumichi Tosa is the president of an electronics company called Maywa Denki.

Or is he?

Maywa Denki doesn’t seem like an electronics company at all. It seems more like an art initiative.

They’re into nonsense instead.

There’s a certain uncertainty at play. Are they serious? Are they for real? Is it all a big joke? Or just a marketing tool? Or are they for real?

Kirin J Callinan

What part of Kirin J Callinan don’t you understand?

The distinctions between talent, irony, and genuine bad taste bleed together until they’re indistinguishable.

Excite and confuse… But you can’t do that for any length of time without having sincerity.

Is Kirin J Callinan for real? Is it intentional? Or is he just like that? Does he know? How much does he consider the mystery of his work?


I met, and got to know, a whole bunch of Gaulier clowns. They were exceptionally kind, and warm, and hilarious.

They were naturally funny. And it was never clear when they were performing or not. When they went up on stage, nothing changed. When they left the stage, nothing changed.

Does this make them fake? If they’re always performing, how do you know? How can you possibly know?

Bip Ling

There’s a blogger/artist/musician/model called Bip Ling. She posts very creative stuff online. I find it hard to tell what her angle is.

Her work is always slightly tongue-in-cheek, slightly unhinged, and slightly … Bip Ling. There’s nothing quite like it.

Is she doing it for a laugh? Is she just expressing herself fully, with no filter? Is she intentionally crafting an air of online mystery?

A friend of mine knows her, but he doesn’t seem keen to talk about her. This just adds to the mystery to me.

Bip Ling recently nuked her whole internet presence. All her videos, posts, and songs… are gone. No trace, no reason. Only a few morsels remain. This just adds to the mystery for me.

Lu (or Luke) Wilson

In 2022, I decided to become a more mysterious person.

But why?

Is it just a marketing ploy? Is it an artistic statement? Or just for convenience? Have I gone insane? Is it a cry for help? Am I just narcissistic? Do I actually believe what I say? Is it just a storytelling device? Was it an accident? Did it just feel right? How intentional is it? Do I think about it? Or does it just happen? Is any of this even true? Is all of it true? Is none of it true? Am I being mysterious for mystery’s sake? Is there any point to all this? Will we ever know? Is this a forced meme?

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