Why bother

Sometimes I wonder to myself, Why do I bother making things?

Why bother, when there are so many smarter, faster people making the same thing as me, but better?

How can my work possibly shine through?

Never stop

When I started coding, I knew I couldn’t compete on being smart or fast. But I knew I could compete on patience.

I told my friends, I don’t need to be the best at what I do. I just need to start something, and never stop.

Then I started the sandpond saga.


Beating the competition is important because, at the end of the day, I want my work to reach people, to have an impact.

I can’t succeed if I get beaten by someone else.

Slow and steady

I used to worry that I’d miss my moment. What if someone does my idea, but sooner and better? What if they beat me to it?

Well now I know what happens.

Someone might overtake me, but then they’ll stop. They’ll get tired, or bored, or start again, or move to something else. And then I’ll plod on by.

Patient ambition

This is my promise.

I’ll never stop making sand. I’ll never stop making art. I’ll never stop writing.

I’ll never stop making computers better. I’ll never stop pushing empathy. I’ll never stop!

There may be setbacks, but I’ll keep on going, longer than you.

It has to be me

I know that no one, not one single person on this planet, can make what I make.

It’s not because I’m any better than them. It’s because the things I make are intensely personal to me. I’m drawn to the connections that they can’t see, to the possibilities they don’t believe in.

When it comes to sand, to surreal art, to language and infinity… It has to be me.

(this is my artist statement)

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