Better better computing

There are lots and lots and lots of people out there trying to make us use computers better.

I’ve gone through a few of them already! But I keep finding more.

Best better computing

Recap: There’s robust-first computing, local-first computing, permacomputing, and perma-local-robust-first computing.

And there’s the tadi web! The tadi web is the best better computing of them all!

Best better best computing

But none of these solutions are as good as the cheap web! That would be the best better best computing of them all…

… if it wasn’t for the small web, not to be confused with the small web, and definitely not to be confused with the smol web, which are all completely different.

Oh and there’s the gemini web, and the spartan web! And the gopher web! And don’t forget the dat web!

Each one of these is the best bett bester computing of them all!

And also the cozy web!

EDIT: And now, the brand new cold-blooded software!

Small-perma-local-robust-small-gemini-spartan-cold-blooded-smol-gopher-dat-cozy computing-web-software

It’s easy, we just add them all together for the BESTEREST computering web. And we call that… the tadi web.

The tadi web is nothing new. It’s simply what you get when you merge together all of the above, and more! It’s something you discover. Not something you make. This is why I can’t tell you if something is or isn’t part of the tadi web. I don’t frickin know! You work it out >:)

The whole point is that the tadi web introduces NOTHING NEW. NO MORE IDEAS!!!

Say it with me…


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