I don’t like that word.

Just use the command line

Just use the command line.

Just figure out what to install. How to install it. The right version. How to pick the right version. How to make it available in your path. What is a path. How do I even open the command line. The two and three letter commands. Flags. How do flags work. Why are some flags one letter. What does the help page mean. Why are there square brackets. How do I use an argument. How do I paste into the command line. Why can’t I select text. What’s a terminal. Is it the command line. Does my argument need to be in quotes. Can it have a space. How do I do it on my phone. How do I do the command line on the server. Does the server have a command line. How do I make it happen automatically. How do I use it programmatically. How do I do multiple commands at once. Why am I in a text editor mode now. What do these symbols mean. Why am I expected to know this.

Why do we make fun of people who get confused by this.

Just rent a server

Just rent a server (to host your website).

Just rent a server in a place you can’t see. Just install an operating system on it. Just figure out how to control it remotely. It’s easy. Just wire into it. Using your key. Like a house key. Why do I need to be quiet. Why are you telling me to sshh. Why do people expect me to know this.

Why is this normal.

Just use a framework

Just use a framework (like nextjs). It’s easy. It’ll solve all your problems.

Just don’t use a framework

Just don’t use a framework (like nextjs). It’s easy. It’ll solve all your problems.

Just use tailwind

It’s good.

Just don’t use tailwind

It’s bad.


Just. Just. Just.

It’s a trade-off

What’s easy for you might not be easy for others. There’s always a trade-off.

Simplicity is a luxury. It’s really hard. And it’s never “just”.

We should try to understand what makes it hard. And make it easier.

If your solution to a problem
Starts with “just”
It’s just a waste of time

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