AI is bad/good actually

I used different titles in different places for more engagement.

Ai is bad/good

Is AI bad? Is AI good? Where does it lie on the bad/good spectrum?


You’ve probably heard lots of people out there saying “AI is bad” or “AI is good”.


But what do they mean? I find it very confusing because some people mean “AI is bad, as in it’s bad at doing things” and some people mean “AI is bad, as in it’s bad for the world”. These are two very different ideas, and I find it hard to keep up.


Ai is harmful/helpful and capable/incapable

I present a new format for talking about AI. Don’t talk about “good” and “bad”. Instead, talk about “harmful”, “helpful”, “capable”, “incapable”.


We can map all sorts of vague ideas onto it!


And find out what people really mean.



I suppose I should give this thing a name. I call it… the…. um…

Actually I don’t care.


This is what I think.


I think that AI is “good” as in it’s “quite capable”.

But I think it’s “bad” as in it “harmful” because it has lots of unsolved issues that don’t look like they’ll ever get fixed. Like stealing copyrighted material, mass unemployment, exaggeration of biases, and danger from use in tasks it isn’t ready for.

You might agree with me. You might disagree. But at least you know what I mean.


What about you? What do you think?

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