e/acc towards what?

Where are we heading?


e/acc is a gang sign that tech bros put on their twitter bio to feel young again.

It stands for ‘effective accelerationism’ as a spinoff/rejection of ‘effective altruism’. Both terms are intentionally vague ways of calling for the removal of human empathy from ‘doing the right thing’.

Obviously ridiculous

They’re obviously ridiculous. Molly White put it best in her article: Effective obfuscation

You need to read her article before continuing.

I’ll only add one thing…


e/acc bros have a label for people who disagree with them. They call us ‘decels’. As in… people with a ‘deceleration mindset’.

They think we want ‘less acceleration’. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Acceleration towards what?

I think we should vastly accelerate the progress we make. We need to make an order of magnitude improvement!

I simply disagree on what we should accelerate towards.

Acceleration away from what?

When you move towards something, you move away from something else.

What are you willing to sacrifice to get to where you want? What are you happy to leave behind?

What are the e/acc boys running from?

What we agree on

I agree with some stuff in the e/acc movement.

It’s a question of implementation. How are you going to achieve that?

It’s a really hard question, full of nuance and humanitarian considerations. But the e/accs are in bed with Dunning and Kruger.

We all want acceleration, ya silly goose.
But acceleration towards what?


Nowadays, many young men are just looking for a community to be a part of. They lack positive role models, so instead turn to the e/acc movement, or the incels.

If that’s you, and you’re considering joining one of these hateful groups… I welcome you to join our community instead. My email is on todepond dot com.

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