Transition in slow-motion

Introducing the best and only way to transition.


Transition is when you change yourself to become more … yourself.

It’s a process that many trans people go through.

What does it involve?

It can involve a whole range of steps, from the subtle to the drastic.

On the small and simple end, you can take hormones and get surgery.

On the more drastic and dangerous side, you can come out, and learn to love yourself. But that’s only for people who are really serious about transition.

What should you pick?

Some people do all of these steps. Some people do a few. Some people do none.

Whatever the case, that’s the right transition for you.

Try to pick out what you want. Don’t listen to anyone else.

It takes a bloody long time

Transition takes for fuckin ever. It happens very slowly, but it happens.

It starts when you’re born. It ends when you die. The rest is transition.

Don’t worry about starting too late! You were doing it since you were a baby.

Instant switch

Some people would like you to believe that transition happens instantly. You go to bed one day as a man/woman/whatever. You wake up the next as a man/woman/whatever.

That’s not how change works.

But this idea is propagated by society on the whole. It says “You’re either a man or a woman. There is no in between.”

Many trans people spread this idea too. They tell me I should ‘pick’ and go ‘full-time’ and do ‘stealth’ and never tell anyone my name.


For one reason or another, there are a lot of trans youtubers. They often lean in to the ‘instant switch’ idea. Some even do it during a video.

I think they shouldn’t do that. It adds to the made-up idea that transition happens instantly. It doesn’t.

Transition in slow-motion

I am fully committed to doing my transition in the following ways:

I want to counteract all of the ‘instant-switchers’ out there.


“Like one song fading into another.”

Embrace the gradient. Transition in slow-motion. Be a scrappy fiddle.

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