My wiki / blog / digital garden

Todepond dot com is my wiki or blog or digital garden.

I made it because Devine told me to. Let me explain what happened…


I was chatting with Devine on a video call. And I mentioned how they might be interested in learning about Dave Ackley’s work on robust-first computing. They asked me if there was a link I could give them to let them learn more.

I realised that I didn’t have one link in particular… But in my head, I knew of lots of great things to watch, read, and explore. Unfortunately, it was all hidden away in my head.

So Devine told me to make a wiki, and here we are.


Matt Webb told me a similar thing. I was telling him how I had so many thoughts floating round my head about some of the things I had learned recently. He suggested that I “write it down”.

I think he’s a hardcore blogger.

He told me he got into blogging in the “early days”. I didn’t know that was a thing. I didn’t know people were so ‘into’ blogging, or wikis. They didn’t seem like special things to me.

But maybe they are!


Maggie Appleton makes the case for ‘digital gardening’ on her website.

I think a digital garden is something that you grow. It’s full of your thoughts, discoveries, knowledge, and whatever you want to grow. Her site is beautiful, and she goes all-in on the gardening.


I’ve also seen it done on a smaller scale. Like on Elliot Evans’s website. He often posts up unfinished pages. They end with something like “to be continued” or start with something like “this page is under construction”. But they’re there. They’re uploaded on his website, not sitting around in his private notes.


As a general theme, my wiki / blog / digital garden is about ‘merging things together’. I’m so tired of seeing new ideas pop up. We have enough of them!

No more ideas. (say it with me)

I want to merge things together. I see these three concepts, and I see the same things in each of them. Sure there are differences. There always are. But I want to pull them closer together, and introduce people onto the same page.

The merging of ideas has always interested me, and it’s how I started my creative coding journey (spatial programming + falling sand). It’s the running thread between all my projects and videos. The clearest example is maybe the latest one, Define Define.

Anyway, I should stop yapping away. Hopefully you now know what my website is about:


(merge them instead)

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