My wikiblogarden hosting

When I decided to make a wiki, I started to think about how to host it.


Normally, I write some raw html & javascript, and then chuck it up on a netlify file server. In the grand scheme of things, this is a very minimal setup. It works ok because my projects are usually just a static page, with no backed or anything.

Even so, it never feels great to use netlify’s bulky system. It doesn’t feel great at all. It feels like it’s trying to capture me in some way.

Server tower

My wiki would be special though. I would want it to feel ‘free’ from any big bulky stuff.

I asked Devine for advice. “What would you recommend for hosting a wiki?”

I was expecting something remarkable. Perhaps a server tower you keep in your room, or a self-sustaining device you send out to sea.

But no. Of course not. It feels silly to say this now, but… At the time, their answer surprised me:

Github pages

I think I tried out github pages a long time ago - back when it was hard to use. Well, I’ve now tried it again, and I can report that it’s now very easy.

I suppose it comes with a cost. By using it, I become more locked in to the github ecosystem.

Because of this, I decided to be careful with how I use it. I’d only use a very small and limited subset of the available features. That way, it’ll be easy to jump ship and set sail!

Still, I hope to move elsewhere as soon as possible! Please let me know if you have any ideas. My contact details are on the home page.


I’ve been exploring some options.