My head to your head


You are currently receiving some thoughts that came from my head. They went on a long journey to get to you. Here’s what happened:

Step 1: Thought to markdown

I wrote down some of my thoughts.

I did it on my phone when I was underground on the tube. There was no internet down there. There were no distractions. I could write freely and stay focused.

I wrote them down in a special kind of format called markdown. It let me add links and formatting.

It’s a very simple format, but I made it even simpler by only using a small number of its features (a subset of its features).

The format was easy enough that it didn’t get in the way of my writing. It didn’t slow down my thoughts. I got them all down.

Step 2: Phone to server

I uploaded my markdown to my server. I did this by using my little upload-tool on my website. (I needed to put in my password for this).

I chose where to put it. I decided to put it in a new folder called “journey”.

Step 3: Markdown to html

My server converted the markdown into html. It did this with a little javascript script I wrote.

Step 4: Html to html

My server then added some extra html to the html. It added a menu bar, and some metadata that made it work better on phones.

Step 5: Thought to html

I noticed that I made a typo, so I edited the html directly.

Step 6: Html to markdown

My server updated the original markdown - to reflect my typo fix.

Step 7: Thought to markdown

I had an idea for an extra paragraph, so I added it to the markdown file.

Step 8: Html to rss

I decided the page was ready, so I pushed a button, and my server added it as an item on my feed.

Step 9: Rss to thought

You’re reading my page right now. It’s materialising as thought in your head.

Step finale: Everything to nothing

I decided I didn’t like my tools and I deleted them all. I made a better version in less time. Everything was in separate pieces, so I was able to re-use some of it.

I switched to a different host and system. I wasn’t locked in to my old one.

This was all a lie

It didn’t go like this. But I wish it did.


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