Rubbish hosting options

My website is hosted on github pages. I don’t like it.

Github pages

Github pages is easy. You just write some markdown, add some DNS records, and you’re done. The hardest part was the DNS, but it was mostly a copy-paste job. I could set it all up again easily.

Your pages come with some default styling, and extra SEO bits that you don’t want. But you can override this default ‘layout’. I just cleared it all out, and started from scratch.

From a slippiness point-of-view, it seems good.

But… it’s all built on top of github stuff.

In conclusion, github pages starts slippy, but gets less slippy as you go deeper. I want to leave.


Codeberg is like a non-evil version of github. It has many of the same features, like pages, and editors, and so on. Also, the editor is really nice!


I’m not sure that codeberg is the place for me at this point. Maybe if their server situation calms down one day. But seeing as they don’t provide an auto-markdown-build step, I don’t think I get much from it anyway, compared to some of the following choices.


Surge is a super simple static file host.


If someone wrote a noob-friendly visual UI wrapper around surge, maybe it would be worth it.


Neocities is fun and simple. You just put files on it. You don’t need to use the terminal, but you can if you want.

I discovered a journey.