No more ideas

The theme of my wiki-blog-garden is NO MORE IDEAS.

I strongly believe that we shouldn’t come up with any more ideas. We should merge existing ones instead (while being careful not to create any new ideas in the process).

We should reduce the total number of ideas in the universe!

That xdcd comic

The “NO MORE IDEAS” idea is not a new idea. There’s already an xcyd comic about it.


Don’t be that person. Don’t make a new idea.

Ideas are not special

There’s a common misconception that ideas are precious, or valuable, and that we should protect them. But that’s wrong.

Your idea is nothing, it’s worthless. It doesn’t exist.

Kill your ideas

Nothing kills an idea quicker than putting it into practice. If your idea is truly worth keeping, then it will be hard to kill.

Test your idea by trying to kill it.

Don’t protect your idea. Do the polar opposite. Put it through as much harm and hurt as possible, force it to adapt and morph. And if it can’t do that, then let it die.

Merge your ideas

If an idea survives, it’s not all bad news. You can still get rid of your idea by merging it with something else.

Perhaps your idea is just a different way of phrasing an idea that already exists? Perhaps your idea is old news in another field?

Try to join your idea with another idea. Bring them closer together.

Find someone with the same idea as you, and weave a shared language. Or spot the same idea in two different people, and put them on the same page, even if they don’t like it.

This is important

We need less nodes and more wires. We need less dots and more lines. We need less pen and more paper. We need less junk and more pipe.

Less individuals, and more collectives. Less heroes and more teams. Less stars and more systems. Less islands, more bridges. Less ideas. More quiet!

For now and forever, I say.


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