I’m joining Ink & Switch

I’m joining Ink & Switch as a researcher-in-residence.

What does that mean?

Wait wait I need to give you some background first.


Ink & Switch is an experimental research lab that experiments with experimental computing. They’re trying to make computing better.

I find their work very inspiring, and I always get new ideas from their (very long) articles (Crosscut is my favourite).

More background

This year I got accepted to do a talk at LIVE as part of SPLASH.

One of the best parts of that experience was receiving feedback from the reviewers. It helped me SO MUCH. It helped me to improve the project. And it helped me to improve the resultant talk.

Some of those reviewers were from Ink & Switch! Or had worked there in the past.

I also benefitted greatly from talking through the feedback and talk with ANOTHER person from Ink & Switch. Most of the references in my talk come from those discussions.

Ok the background has finished now

In my role as researcher-in-residence, I continue my own research into better computing! But now I’m also part of the internal Ink & Switch network.

Currently, I’m joining weekly sessions, and I’ve already had a chance to demo some of my work - and receive valuable feedback. It’s been great to see what else is going on there, and to join those discussions too.

What’s next?

I’m currently figuring out the best way of making the most of the opportunity. I’ve started sharing some ‘lab notes’ internally, which has sparked a little bit of feedback. I’ll keep reflecting on my process.

My projects have a VERY LONG ‘incubation time’, where I think and talk about them for many many months before I start building them (sometimes years). I wonder if this residency will be a good place for that incubation!

What about tldraw?

I’m still working at tldraw four days a week - the same as before.

What about todepond?

I’m still working on my own stuff one day a week - the same as before.


Yeah I know right. Thanks for reading.

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