You can just ask

Something I’m learning recently: You can just ask.

Don’t know how to do something?

Just ask someone. They might not know either. But they might.

Struggling to choose?

Just ask. Get some advice. Sometimes you don’t even need the answer. You just need to hear the question out loud (or written down).

Want to know something?

How much money are you offering for this role? What’s your gender? What’s your honest opinion?

Just ask.

Want something?

Ask for it. Get a raise, get a hug, get a hand.

You might seem stupid

Who cares.

The more stupid you seem, the better the answers are. People make their answers simpler when they think you’re a fool.

What’s good for the fool is also good for the expert, but nobody knows that except me. So be a fool.

Don’t have anyone to ask?

Email me. I’ll answer! My deets are on todepond dot com.

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