Hackernews is a vile website

It doesn’t need saying, right?

It works great

It works great. The buttons do what you want. It’s easy to use.

The design is old-fashioned. It’s so old-fashioned that it’s almost back in fashion. I like how brutalist it is.

The people are awful

They’re dripping with disdain. No empathy at all.

Every comment is a ‘gotcha’ or attempt at sounding smart.

The only good ones are from passing visitors.

Everyone thinks it

Ok, not everyone. But like 95% of people. Even the ones that use it regularly tell me:

“It’s a vile website, but I just use it as a news feed.

If you disagree, then I’ve got some news for you.

Hackernews is a vile website

I feel like something so obvious should be ok to say. Are people scared of pissing off YC or something?

Discuss this on hackernews! (todo: replace this with a link to the resultant hackernews gremlins)

Watch my only video that features hackernews.

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