How to introduce the tadi web

The tadi web is a small and simple part of the normal web. How do you introduce it to someone?

It has many entry points

There are many ways of introducing someone to the tadi web. This page contains a bunch. Pick the one that’s most convincing for whoever you’re convincing.

This is an entry point itself!

But whatever you do, don’t tell someone all the entry points in one go. Just pick one or two.

Definitely don’t list out all the entry points on a single page!

All the entry points

No more ideas

The tadi web isn’t a new idea. It’s just the combination of various good ideas from various good communities.


No “one true way”

There are so many communities building towards better computing. They often work in isolation, thinking that their way is the “one true way”.

The tadi web does the hard work of introducing these worlds to each other, so that they can work together.

Someone’s gotta do it.

Now and the future

Perma-computing tries to move towards computing that’s good for the future. Adoption is hard because people often think it’s a choice between what’s good for now or what’s good for the future.

They think it’s one or the other.

The tadi web is building something that’s good for now as well as the future.

The tadi web is and will be good.

I want to build a browser

I want to build a browser. Insane right? Have you seen how big the web spec is?

But really, I want to. And I’m gonna do it.

You can just cheat

The web spec is massive. You can’t possibly implement everything on your own.

Turns out, you can just cheat, and … don’t do the bad bits (which is most of it).

Fuck the web police.

The web is slow

Have you seen how slow websites are? All those loading spinners? All those clunky popups and dropdowns that don’t work?

It’s getting worse and worse. New phones and computers can barely run the latest websites.

The tadi web is fast as hell, even on your phone from ten years ago.

I sold my soul to google

I sold my soul to google. They know everything about me, and I’m stuck with them.

They have a complete monopoly on the web. Firefox and safari fall behind more and more every day. New browsers are either wrappers for chrome, or require monumental effort.

It shouldn’t be so hard to escape.

Software dies

All software breaks and dies over time.

But specifications last. They allow us to rebuild the software that we need.

Software dies. Spec lives forever.


The tadi web is simple. But why? What’s the point of being simple?

It’s not to make it less likely to fail.

It’s so that it can be rebuilt when it fails (again and again and again).

Everything fails eventually. Learn to bounce back.

Forwards compatible

Flip the way you think about compatibility. Don’t make something that’s compatible with other things. Make something that’s easy for other things to be compatible with.

It’s ok to not be backwards-compatible (sometimes it’s needed). But try to make yourself an easy thing to be backwards-compatible with.

Tadi browsers aren’t compatible with normal websites. But normal browsers are compatible with tadi websites.

Frogs are fun

Frogs are great because they have a funny shape.

Tadpoles (tadis) are mystical little dark-pond fairies. And their whole life-cycle feels like magic.


Slippy mindset

The tadi web is built with a slippy mindset. We try to be as ‘slippy’ as possible.

Being slippy means you’re not stuck.

When you’re slippy, it’s easy to change plan, or rebuild something from scratch. It means you’re not locked in to using a certain tool.

If something breaks, you can choose to fix it, or let it die. It’s ok, because it won’t take long to rebuild it from scratch.

Frogs don’t live forever! They live, they make some taddies, and then they die. The taddies grow to take their place.

Every time you grow back, you’ll be a bit different. You might be stronger. Or you might be better equipped for your changing needs.

Just try it

I’ve been trying out a slippy mindset for a few months now. And I can’t believe what it’s allowed me to do.

I’ve been able to build things at a rapid-pace that I didn’t think was possible. And those things are more reliable and genuinely useful than anything I usually make.

Even if they weren’t, I know that I could rebuild them from scratch in a short time.

Seriously wtf is up with this slippy mindset?

Normal web

Everything in the tadi web is also part of the normal web. Tadi websites also work in normal browsers.

So you might as well build for the tadi web.

Explore the spectrum

The tadi web is a spectrum. Websites can be extremely simple (eg: just text files) or slightly more complicated (eg: with scripting).

Some are more slippy than others, but all of them use the same slippy approach.

We need to learn more about how to be slippy while adding complexity. Your help is needed!

What does a slippy database look like?
What does a slippy drawing app look like?
What does a slippy build step look like?

Anyone can do it

Tadi websites can be very simple - so simple that anyone can do it.

Get involved

Which entry point(s) resonate most with you?

Which ones don’t?

Let me know! My contact details are on todepond dot com.

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