Dear spotify product manager

Here are some features that I’d like to see in your app.

If you add them all, I promise that I’ll triple my payments to spotify!

Pay artists less

Please pay artists even less than you already do. Even better: Pay them nothing.

They’re only using spotify for exposure anyway.

Add more shuffle modes

I would like to cycle through lots of different modes when I want to turn off shuffle. Maybe you could add “mood shuffle”, “seasonal shuffle” and “ai shuffle”.

Even better if they require an internet connection, so that it’s impossible to cycle through when I have low connection!

Even better if they pop up a toast, so that I can’t tap the controls!

Make it harder to play music

When I want to find a particular playlist… I don’t want to find it immediately.

Please bury it down as deep as you can. Guide me on an archaeological journey through your different design systems.

And when I get there, list my playlists in a different order each time.

Remove hearts

Please remove hearts, and all other charmful imagery from the-

Add more tiktok

I want to scroll down through epic trending content. Like tinder but vertical.

Dear spotify product manager

These might seem like big asks. And I know you have certain constraints to work within.

This is why I make this commitment to you:

If you add all of these features, I promise to triple my payments to spotify ✋

If you have to put them behind an additional paywall, that’s fine. Call it “Spotify: Packed Mode” or something.

If you release these features more widely, I’ll just buy two extra subscriptions (to keep my side of the deal).

Many thanks,
Yours sincerely,

Lu wilson x

Smart Shuffle recommendations added to Queue.

Smart Shuffle recommendations removed.

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