2023: Year of truth

Here’s everything I released in 2023, the year of truth.

SANDPOND SAGA: Define define

I made a short film about definitions.

CELLPOND: Spatial programming pipe dream

I gave a talk about cellpond at london creative coding, as part of peckham digital.


I was a guest co-host on the future of coding’s intercal episode.

DREAMBERD: Perfect programming language

I continued work on dreamberd, and it went viral.

I gave a talk about it at london future of coding.

I was also interviewed about it on mr the primeagen’s livestream.

The dreamberd virality got me up to 99 patrons on patreon! Twice!

Thank you everyone.

Pond of fame


I started a weekly podcast for paying supporters.

I think my favourite episode was fractal bucket.

Fractal bucket

INSTITUTE OF WEIRDCODING: Stop computerprogramming

Me and ivan reese ran a session about weird coding at the local-first unconference as part of strange loop.

weird coding

CELLPOND: Spatial programming without escape

I made a new version of cellpond.

I gave a talk about it at live as part of splash.

ARROOST: Normalise sharing scrappy fiddles

I made arroost, a silly music-making tool.

I gave a talk about it at london future of coding.

TLDRAW: Make real

I made the make real demo as part of my work at tldraw and it went viral. I also made draw fast and make happen.

I was interviewed on the thursdai show about it.

I gave three talks about make real: At ai tinkerers, react advanced, and supabase meetups.

ai tinkerers

react advanced

INK & SWITCH: Todepond

I was interviewed as part of an internal workshop at ink & switch.

I have now joined ink & switch as a researcher-in-residence.

ink and switch

FUTURE OF CODING: Myths and mythconceptions

I have now joined the future of coding podcast as a permanent co-host.

My first episode was recently released.

My first bonus episode was also released.

TADI WEB: The slippy mindset

I discovered the tadi web initiative for better computing.

tadi web

TODEPOND DOT COM: Wikiblogarden

I made my personal website, and started a daily wikiblogarden.

todepond dot com

POND OF FAME: Choose your hero

I made a dashboard that lets paying supporters claim their spot in the pond of fame.


SANDPOND SAGA: Arrows in arrows in arrows

I made a short film about arrows.

What’s next?

2024 is the year of chaos. Much more will happen.

The next sandpond saga video will be TOP 99 WAYS TO MAKE SAND.

There will soon be a vote for the one after that. If you want to vote, sign up to my patreon.


lu x

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