DEATH OF THE TADI WEB: A clean start for the web

Hello again.

Unfortunately, I am here to report to you… that the tadi web project has unfortunately died.

I’m shutting it down. Here’s why.

A clean start for the web

There’s a fab article by Tom MacWright called A clean start for the web.

The article outlines some of the web’s biggest issues. It spells out how we’re losing control of the browsers that we use. And how it’s increasingly monopolised by a just few megacorps.

This is clearly a political issue - a governance, regulation issue. But it might have a technological solution.


The document web 2.0

Tom introduces a new type of better computing called the document web 2.0.

It has some rules.

Unfortunately, the tadi web breaks them all.

The rules

Rule #1 is don’t make a subset.

The tadi web is a subset of the normal web.

Rule #2 is don’t make it compatible.

Tadi websites work in normal browsers.

Rule #3 is make it better for everyone.

The tadi web is better for everyone except Tom MacWright. Therefore it is not better for everyone.

Death of the tadi web

The tadi web is not a new idea. It’s simply what you get when you merge together every single type of better computing out there.

But clearly, it’s not compatible with the document web 2.0. So I now pronounce it dead.

Post mortem

Let’s look at the reasoning behind each rule.

Rule #1 is don’t make a subset. If the replacement for the web is just whatever features were in Firefox 10 years ago, it’s not going to be a compelling vision.

Hang on a second… The tadi web is a subset… but it’s not the features from firefox 10 years ago.

Rule #2 is don’t make it compatible. If the replacement web lives alongside, undifferentiated from the current web, then you’ll never actually reduce complexity because replacement web browsers will still support everything, and people won’t be encouraged to leave the old web.

Hang on a second…

Tadi websites are compatible with normal browsers… but tadi web browsers (ie: replacement web browsers) don’t support everything…

Through repeated death and adaptation, could the tadi web... be growing more resilient? Will it finally be sturdy enough to survive these blows? Could this be the tadi web's big moment?

Big moment

Rule #3 is make it better for everyone. There should be a perk for everyone in the ecosystem: people making pages, people reading them, and people making the technology for them to be readable.

Hang on a second.

No… wait, no.

I don’t think there are any perks for Tom MacWright. It’s dead after all.

Death of the tadi web

The tadi web is dead. Long live the tadi web!

Back to the tadi web 2.0.